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Culture in business is important. Yet, it is not only about the use of proper polite phrases or professional exchange of business cards. It is essential that we use the remaining elements of communication - particularly when doing business internationally.

  • Do you cooperate with foreign business partners?
  • Do you serve customers from all over the world?
  • Do you form virtual teams by employing foreign and domestic workers?

In any of the above mentioned cases, professional cross cultural communication in business is a key to success. Let us make it easy for you.

Overcome cultural differences in business, take advantage of expert support

Emic Lab is a group of international coaches - experts in the field of communication and cross cultural management. We provide comprehensive instruments - cross cultural trainings and other forms of support if your company operates globally. Take advantage of our services and enjoy a prestigious position on the global market!

We specialize in cross cultural communication in business

Rhythm of work, social relations, importance of hierarchy in a workplace, a way of addressing one another... These are just examples of elements which may be perceived in various ways in particular cultures. Cross cultural management is difficult as people often lack awareness and do not have competence to overcome barriers. This is when we get involved.

Emic Lab provides a full range of services that make cooperation with representatives of other cultures fruitful and seamless - so that everyone is satisfied. Our offer includes the following:

  • Trainings for managers related to cross cultural communication and other intercultural trainings - useful both when you form international virtual teams and manage employees in one place
  • Support when moving processes from/to other countries - Are you considering transferring the head office of your company to another country? Are you looking for employees in a more beneficial area from the business standpoint? Avoid foul-ups and problems, and adapt processes to the culture of your team members
  • Support during international merges in order to create inclusive organization
  • Consultancy when developing marketing strategies for other markets - message intended for Poles not necessarily persuades Germans, English people or Chinese people - change it to increase effectiveness
  • Support in the process of selecting employees for international projects - our specialists will assist in recruitment

We help overcome cross cultural barriers. Benefit from diversity and use cross cultural differences to your advantage.


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