See how you can benefit from our training!

Improvement after training
After the training, my Indian colleagues praised us for change of approach and improved cooperation!
Americans are more willing to listen to us.
I am no longer bored at meetings ( at least less :) )
I understand how they see escalation and now it's easier for me to read e-mails and answer them.

Improved competence
Finally, I know what I did wrong; now I know how not to make mistakes.
I now understand how to read their emails.
I now see how to reach my foreign colleagues with ideas.
I know what my Indian colleagues are saying.

Opinions on training
Captivating training!
Appropriate examples, practical.
Real-life cases!
The knowledge was passed on very well. The exercises helped me understand the problem.
The coaches were very active, I didn't realize when the two days of training passed.
The training should be mandatory for managers and transition teams.